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Since 1990, Indotech has been manufacturing superior quality industrial garage doors. Our doors operate in heavy-duty industries such as mines, hydro-electric facilities and transportation hubs and are the top performers in drastic weather and wind load conditions as proven by our installations from Qatar to Nunavik.

In addition, Indotech’s design team can create the perfect door to complement the architectural design and esthetics of any commercial or residential building.

Our products include:

With a focus to maintain high-quality standards, our team develops products that are innovative and meet the performance and security requirements of today’s businesses.

13 May 2017

Indotech’s 13-inch Low-Headroom (LHR) rubber door

Building upon its reputation as a renowned expert in industrial door development, Indotech is proud to introduce its Low Headroom (LHR) Door as part of the Company’s TECH-ROLLTM series of rapid roll-up rubber doors.

The LHR Door is particularly compact – the complete curtain and bottom bar fit into just 13 inches of headroom. Indotech’s LHR Door is an ideal solution for buildings with restrictive heights such as underground parking garages.