Indotech differs from its competitors as it is the “go-to” company in the industrial door industry that can engineer and design solutions to any door problem. The Company has undertaken many special project in order to meet its clients’ needs. For example, Indotech supplied three TECH-ROLL doors for Hitachi’s generation plant. This project required the synchronization of the three doors in order for the facility to properly function. Indotech designed and programmed a successful door to door communication system. Additional innovations include:

  • A TECH-ROLL rubber door that closes horizontally for a client in the agricultural industry for potato hoppers;
  • In the mining industry, four TECH-ROLL rubber doors that close from the ground up. These doors were designed to protect the overhead crane rails which run through various buildings.
  • Installation of TECH-ROLL doors in Qatar for an aluminum smelter. Doors that would meet the need for a dry, high-heat climate were required.

If you require a specialized door to fit a specific need, contact Indotech!