Tech-Roll™ ULTRA

Indotech’s TECH-ROLL™ ULTRA is the preferred choice for intensive use environments

  • Springless application available with inertia brake
  • Door speed up to 32 inches / second
  • 1/4″ curtain in SBR, MSHA or EPDM rubber
  • Patented Tech-Lock endlock
  • Painted, galvanized or stainless steel guides
  • Steel guide rails that open for ease of maintenance and inspection of the full curtain. Compression springs to adjust the guides to various wind pressures
  • Painted, galvanized or stainless steel guide rails available
  • Break-away bottom bar for easy re-installation of the door’s curtain after impact
  • Wireless soft-touch bottom safety edge bottom bar


Tech-Lock endlocks are continuous the full height of the door to double-seal against weather conditions

Energy efficient due to fast opening and closing speed

Reduction in down time related costs

Low cost to repair

Minimal maintenance

Door is functional even after impact which reduces work stoppages

Many safety features available

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Tech-Roll™ ULTRA




Hollow shaft or chained drive industrial operator


Variable up to 32 in/sec (91 cm/sec)


From -40°C to 50°C

Wind resistance

Pressure of 20 psf in closed position




Tech-Lock; patented continuous double sealed

Bottom Bar

Knock away design with pintle hinge


Steel guide with adjustable compression springs

Wind Bar

4″ available


Available sprung or springless

Inertia Brake

Available safety option

Guide Colors

Many Color Options Available

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The TECH-ROLLTMrubber curtain is available in SBR black rubber, MSHA black rubber (mining spec) and EPDM blue rubber. The rubber is 1/4-inch thick and reinforced with a polyester centre that ensures flexibility and durability in temperatures between -40°C and + 50°C. Its strength resistance is 2,000 psi.



Indotech’s TECH-LOCKTM are continuous the full height of the door to create a weather-tight seal. The system creates a frictionless movement of the door’s curtain within the guides when the door is opening and closing.


Bottom bar

The bottom bar is made of steel and equipped at the center with a pintle hinge that allows the release of the curtain in case of impact, this ensures a fast and easy re-installation of the curtain.


Guide Rails

The steel guide rails are designed with adjustable compression springs that allow the release of the curtain in case of impact and are ajustable to adapt to various windloads. In addition the guides can be opened for full inspection of the door’s curtain and ease of maintenance.


Wind bars

Wind bars are an optional feature that are used to reinforce the door’s curtain in locations that have severe weather conditions and/or exceptional wind loads.


Torsion balancing springs

The extra-strong coil springs (25,000 to 100,000 cycles) are mounted on the outside of the main C-channel cross member and assembled on a 1-1/4 inch (32mm) steel shaft.


Electric operators

The TECH-ROLL series of electric operators are high-performance industrial operators designed for intensive use and require minimal maintenance. They are equipped with a clutch system and the possibility of an over-sized brake that allow the door to run smoothly. In addition, the operators are equipped with a chain hoist and power safety switch in cases of emergency.


Inertia brake

Optional protection system that prevents the door from closing in the event of mechanical failure. This security system is unique to Indotech

Additional options and accessories

  • Programmable control panel
  • Windows
  • Photocells
  • Movement dectectors
  • Personalized door frame color.
  • Custom lettering / signage

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Certifications & Associations

  • CWB